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When you need an call station for quick communication between two parties, the economical CALL24 M-Series callbox is the answer. The single pushbutton simplicity affords instant communication that improves and assists guest services and employee productivity.

Features include:
Wireless: Free yourself from skyrocketing construction costs, the risks, and the disruptive mess created by boring and trenching lines to a wired communication station. CALL24’s all-weather M-Series call box is wireless with no recurring monthly fees. Want to place a callbox hundreds of yards from the nearest power and phone lines? No problem. Want to relocate a callbox in three years? It’s simple and inexpensive. CALL24’s long-range wireless call box incorporates radio technology that is used by industry, hospitality, and public safety worldwide.

No Central Dispatch Required: Because CALL24 is a radio-centric solution, your response to any call is as simple as placing a portable radio in the hands of the right responder. If you have a callbox located at a remote gate, the caller may be communicating with a security guard to gain access to the facility. First tee at a golf course?…the course starter. Truck ready to be loaded?…a dock foreman. Area-of-Rescue First Aid needed?…a safety manager.

Each long-range M-Series call box is delivered completely programmed for seamless integration into your digital or analog radio system.
Easy to Install: Unlike wired callbox systems, CALL24 helps you avoid the expense or disruption of boring and trenching to each callbox. Just pick a spot with clear sun exposure or near a local 115vAC power source. No worries about communication lines because CALL24’s callbox is wireless.

And not only can you install the radio callbox virtually anywhere, you can use one of our many attractive mounting poles; or install the M-Series housing to a building or a light pole. What if a future construction project requires a callbox relocation? Simply unbolt it from the ground and move it to a new location… with no wire line hassles.
Choose Your Power Source: In addition to the benefits of being a wireless solution, CALL24’s M-Series call box comes standard with reliable battery power. And while a single battery charge can last up to several months, recharging is necessary to allow extended 24/7 operation without removing and replacing batteries.

CALL24’s Suncharge™ system offers a solar-powered, totally free-standing callbox solution. Or if standard 110-120VAC current is available, our Starcharge™ system keeps your callbox fully charged.

Worried about losing communication with your callbox during a power outage? Don’t fret…CALL24’s long-lasting batteries aren’t susceptible to temporary outages.
Optional Gate or Lock Release: Do you have a restricted area where service providers, employees, or guests need periodic access. Don’t waste precious human resources manning a remote gate. And no need to walk or drive all the way there. Simply pick up your radio and key in a code to remotely open the gate or release an electronic lock.

The CALL24 M-Series Radio Call Box – perfect for resorts, manufacturing, construction, gated communities, mining, trucking, warehousing, schools, marinas, areas-of-rescue, storage – and virtually any location that needs a secure perimeter.



DMR – M-Series Callbox