Quickly and easily request help with a Call24 Wireless Emergency Callbox. A perfect crime deterrent that gives security responders an exact location of the emergency plus displays bright, flashing blue lights.


Six million people in the United States are victims of stalkers each year. Tens of thousands are victims of attacks on college and healthcare campuses and on parking lots of business and industry.


Actions of troubled individuals will never be eliminated but products from CALL24 can help innocent people from becoming victims.

Emergency or assistance communication units are a vital part of any serious security system.

A durable wireless call box system from CALL24 will act as a highly visible deterrent to crime. When it comes to protecting your customers, employees, and visitors, you want nothing less than the best.

CALL24 sets the industry standard in new technology, reliability and ease of use. With wireless technology, you have peace of mind knowing that your callbox system will not require underground wire maintenance and replacement. You will have many years of reliable and secure communications.

Some Benefits Include:


  • Highly Visible all-weather reflective enclosures, easy to use
  • Long Range wireless reduces costs, coverage is easy to test
  • Seamlessly integrates into Analog, Digital, and P25 radio systems
  • Automatic Call Box Location Alerts your base and patrol officer radios
  • Dispatch or Mobile two-way communications enabled within Seconds
  • Cost Effective-Easy to Install, no phone line trenching or boring
  • Flexible Power Options: 110-480 volts, dusk-to-dawn lights, or solar
  • Relocation made easy as your organization grows
Our Legacy

CALL24 pioneered the design and acceptance of Wireless Emergency Callboxes in the early 1990s and continues today to be a leading developer and innovator of wireless technology for security and safety applications. Now in its 20th year, CALL24 developed its first system at the request of High Point Regional Hospital, High Point, NC. Improvements have evolved rapidly; the product line has grown; and the install base has expanded throughout the United States from CALL24 headquarters in Winston-Salem, NC.

Evolution Of The Callbox

Early callbox models were basic two-way communication devices. Since the mid-1990s, CALL24 products added the distinctive and easy to locate blue light system, many with external speakers for notification, and solar panels for power to the battery backup. Being totally wireless, CALL24 was “green” before “green” became cool! No boring or trenching required. Installation or relocation is simple.

Established in 1990

CALL24 Wireless Callboxes is an established name in security. Our seasoned staff have seen the industry change over the years and have adapted our modern-day callboxes to meet current mandates.

No expensive boring or trenching

One of the greatest features of any of the CALL24 Wireless Callbox Systems is that they require absolutely no boring or trenching for full functionality. The addition of a solar charger can take them entirely off the grid. 

Seamless integration

Regardless of your current radio system, CALL24 Wireless Callbox Systems can be tailored to integrate into any digital, analog, or P25 communication system. Easy integration makes expansion a breeze.

Why Choose Us

For almost 30 years Callboxes from CALL24 have been creating safer environments all across the country. Technologically, CALL24 products are durable and perform well under all types of environmental conditions. They can be mounted as free-standing tower stanchions, on existing light poles, on buildings and are engineered to be compliant with ADA standards and requirements. CALL24 Callboxes are manufactured and supported by our dedicated team in Winston Salem North Carolina. 


Callboxes deployed in the USA


Customers of our proprietary callboxes have been thrilled to find that their investment has maintained its relevance since the early models of the Callbox. Our M-series and S-series callbox models are still able to interface with all major security communications infrastructure.


Satisfied customers


At CALL24 Wireless we put our people first. Our long-standing relationship with many of our clients is a testimony to the quality products we manufacture and the extensive support we offer.


Average life of a unit


Our callboxes are built to last 10-20 years (if properly maintained) in direct weather. Our callboxes are an investment in the security of your building or complex.

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CALL24 Wireless Callbox Systems™ is a division of RCS Wireless Technology along with CALL24 Security (security camera installations) and Get A Better Signal (bi-directional amplifiers). Each of the divisions at RCS Wireless Technology are built around providing business and facility owners with a complete security solution company.  


RCS Wireless Technology is the umbrella company of each of these services. From security and law enforcement vehicle upfit to 2 way radios, RCS has been selling state of the art security solutions (in all its many manifestations) to clients throughout the USA.


The team at Get A Better Signal specialize in providing innovative signal boosting solutions where you need it most. Dropped calls? Important conference calls missed? Our pro staff have provided signal saturation even in New York sky rises.


CALL24 Security™ specialize in security cameras and security system installations. From cable run blueprints to coverage charts to servers optimized for months of continuous security video capture retention plans, we can help.  

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Six million people in the United States are victims of stalkers each year. Tens of thousands are victims of attacks on college and healthcare campuses and on parking lots of business and industry. Actions of troubled individuals will never be eliminated but products from CALL24 can help innocent people from becoming victims. Hear what our clients are saying




Vince Chrapliwy

“In security, you not only have to keep things locked up and secure from a physical standpoint, but you also have to provide the peace of mind to the customers that are coming onto your property. They need to know that you are there when they need you. We looked to Call24 Wireless Callbox Systems to fill this gap.”

Director of Corporate Security at Moses Cone Health System

James Faircloth

“…by installing the Callbox systems [from Call24 Wireless] in our parking areas we have reduced the crime rate… Our staff feels more comfortable knowing that there is a means of making direct communication with security personnel. Our patients and our visitors feel the same way.”

Director of Security at Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital


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