See why callboxes from Call24 Wireless deliver best-in-class security coverage. 

S-Series Callbox

  • 100% wireless installation
  • Optional solar power and custom decal
  • Free airtime with no recurring fees
  • High-intensity blue-light alerting
  • Highly visible and vandal-resistant enclosure
  • Automatic maintenance tests make the S-Series callbox our most benefits-packed system

S-Series Callbox  Stanchions

  • 100% wireless installation
  • No expensive boring or trenching
  • Solar power available
  • Simple installation, easy maintenance
  • Fully integrable high visibility blue strobe lights 
  • Fully integrable PA system for cross-campus emergency communication

Campus Alert PA / 

Warehouse Alert

  • Fully integrable CALL24 Campus Alert PA
  • CALL24 Warehouse Alert PA
  • Blue star locator options for precision response


LED Safety Lighting

Dual True-Blue LED flashing & locator light fixture

  • Double flash / locator side-mount, flat surfaces
  • True-Blue LED
  • On/Off programmable
  • Strong aluminum construction

 M-Series Callbox

  • 100% wireless customer-service callbox (limited application, not a full-featured callbox option)

  • 110-120VAC

  • Access control, production, and customer service

  • High-visibility reflective graphics

  • Solar available

    What Our Clients are saying:

    “It’s knowing that there is someone there to help me at just the push of a button that gives me confidence.”

    “Our staff feel much more secure knowing that security personnel is just a button push away.”

    “It’s a long walk back to the dorm from the library. Those blue lights really help me to feel safer on my walk back to campus.”

    Founded in 1990

    Early callbox models were basic two-way communication devices. Since the mid-1990s, CALL24 products added the distinctive and easy to locate blue light system, many with external speakers for broadcasting, and solar panels for power to the battery backup. Being totally wireless, CALL24 was “green” before “green” became a desirable industry criteria. No boring or trenching required. Installation or relocation is simple.


    100% wireless operation


    Easy installation and migration


    Custom decal options available


    Callbox units can have a 10-20 year unit life (if properly maintained)


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