Six million people in the United States are victims of stalkers each year. Tens of thousands are victims of attacks on college and healthcare campuses and on parking lots of business and industry. Shootings continue on the grounds and in buildings at educational complexes despite the lessons learned from incidents like the one at Virginia Tech in April 2007.

Actions of troubled individuals will never be eliminated but products from CALL24 can help innocent people from possibly becoming victims by:

  • Quickly and easily requesting help via Wireless Emergency Callboxes that give security responders an exact location plus display bright, flashing blue lights.
  • Giving security, police or authorities the ability to instantly notify students, faculties, administrative staff and visitors of a lockdown, a shooter, etc., with our proprietary Callbox line.

CALL24 pioneered the design and acceptance of Wireless Emergency Callboxes in the early 1990s and continues today to be a leading developer and innovator of wireless technology for security and safety applications. Now in its 20th year, CALL24 developed its first system at the request of High Point Regional Hospital, High Point, NC. Improvements have evolved rapidly; the product line has grown; and the install base has expanded throughout the United States from CALL24 headquarters in Winston-Salem, NC.

Early callbox models were basic two-way communication devices. Since the mid-1990s, CALL24 products added the distinctive and easy to locate blue light system, many with external speakers for notification, and solar panels for power to the battery backup. Being totally wireless, CALL24 was “green” before “green” became cool! No boring or trenching required. Installation or relocation is simple.

So, Why CALL24? Technologically, CALL24 products are durable and perform well under all types of environmental conditions. They can be mounted on custom stanchions or poles, on existing light poles, on buildings and are engineered to be compliant with ADA standards and requirements. They are manufactured in Winston-Salem, also the base for service and technical support. Call us at 1-800-441-9191 or click on “Contact Us” for additional information, for a demonstration or for the dealer nearest to you.



DMR – M-Series Callbox


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