Emergency or assistance communication units are a vital part of any serious security system. A durable wireless call box system from RCS Wireless Technology will act as a highly visible deterrent to crime. When it comes to protecting your customers, employees, and visitors, you want nothing less than the best.

Call24 sets the industry standard in new technology, reliability and ease of use. With wireless technology, you have peace of mind knowing that your system will not require underground wire maintenance and replacement. You will have many years of reliable and secure communications.
Some features include:

  • Automatic location alarming
  • Two-way voice, intercom and hands-free listening to either dispatch base or mobile patrol officer radios
  • More cost effective and easy to install than land-line systems
  • Easy to deploy and relocate as your organization grows
  • Flexible supply power: 110-480 volts or solar
  • Programmed specifically for your needs
  • Highly visible reflective exterior with customized identification options


Examples of Mounting for Callboxes:

AC Surface Mount Stanchion Solar Direct Burial Stanchion

Versatile Applications

   Existing Light Pole       Bus Stop Pole Parking Deck Column           Block Wall
DMR – M-Series Callbox


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