Our best selling callbox is a wireless, feature-rich callbox with infinite applications.

S-Series Mark III | C24-14A

  • 100% wireless callbox
  • 110-480 VAC
  • Customizable emergency solution
  • High visibility reflective graphics

    S-Series Mark III | C24-10A

    • 100% wireless callbox
    • 110-250 VAC
    • Customizable emergency solution
    • High visibility reflective graphics

        S-Series Mark III | C24-14S

        • 100% wireless callbox
        • Solar 365
        • Customizable emergency solution
        • High visibility reflective graphics

            Looking for a callbox that delivers the rugged reliability that’s essential to any emergency communications solution? The CALL24 S-Series Mk-3 callbox delivers wireless security options into even the most remote areas to make your customers and employees feel safe.

            The CALL24 S-Series Radio Call Boxes are perfect for securing parking lots, garages, wayfinding routes, plant operations, building areas of rescue – and virtually any location that needs an unmanned extension to an existing security perimeter.

            Because the CALL24 S-Series Callbox is wireless, you’re free from worrying about skyrocketing construction costs now and into the future. No boring or trenching is required, ever.

            Want to place a callbox on a walking trail hundreds of yards from the nearest power and phone lines? No problem. Want to relocate a callbox in three years? It’s simple and inexpensive. CALL24’s wireless system incorporates the same reliable radio technology used worldwide by police, fire, and EMS responders.

            Because all CALL24 Callboxes are built to be a radio-centric solution, your emergency calls can be handled in a number of ways. If you have a central dispatch center, your response will follow the traditional 911-center model. But if you have a small security force in which a night officer may be the only one on-site, the full functionality of any CALL24 callbox can be handled with a portable radio.

            This flexibility reduces response time, as the officer can start toward the callbox immediately and, if needed, communicate with the caller while en route.

            Unlike wired callbox systems, CALL24 helps you avoid the expense or disruption of boring and trenching lines to each callbox. Just pick a spot with sufficient sun exposure and place your callbox there. It’s that easy because CALL24’s callboxes are wireless and offer a solar power option.

            And not only can you install the callbox virtually anywhere, you can use one of our many attractive mounting poles; or install the S-Series housing to a building or one of your own power or light poles. What if a future construction project requires a callbox relocation? Simply unbolt it from the ground and move it to a new location…no annoying re-trenching.

            In addition to the benefits of being a wireless solution, facility managers appreciate CALL24’s reliable battery backup power and its ability to receive a charge from a variety of AC supply volt sources from 110 to 480VAC, or DC solar power. Because CALL24’s battery provides stable power 24/7, short-term disruptions in the supply power source mean little to the reliability of your emergency communication system.

            Placing a callbox on an existing light pole is a popular choice for many CALL24 clients. CALL24’s StarCharge™system charges the onboard battery from any dusk-to-dawn lighting system.

            Or use CALL24’s Suncharge™system for a solar-powered, totally free-standing callbox solution.

            We have 9 identification graphics combinations for you to choose from.  Talk to your CALL24 representative today about your custom graphic needs.


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            Founded in 1990

            Early callbox models were basic two-way communication devices. Since the mid-1990s, CALL24 products added the distinctive and easy to locate blue light system, many with external speakers for broadcasting, and solar panels for power to the battery backup. Being totally wireless, CALL24 was “green” before “green” became a desirable industry criteria. No boring or trenching required. Installation or relocation is simple.


            100% wireless operation


            Easy installation and migration


            Custom decal options available


            10-20 year unit life (if properly maintained)

            What Our Clients are saying:

            "It's knowing that there is someone there to help me at just the push of a button that gives me confidence."

            "Our staff feel much more secure knowing that security personnel is just a button push away."

            "It's a long walk back to the dorm from the library. Those blue lights really help me to feel safer on my walk back to campus."


            Looking for something?


            Looking for something?

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