Looking for a callbox that delivers the rugged reliability that’s essential to any emergency communications solution? The CALL24 S-Series Mk-3 callbox delivers.

Features include:

Wireless: Because the CALL24 S-Series Callbox is wireless, you’re free from worrying about skyrocketing construction costs…now and in the future. No boring or trenching is required. Want to place a callbox on a walking trail hundreds of yards from the nearest power and phone lines? No problem. Want to relocate a callbox in three years? It’s simple and inexpensive. CALL24’s wireless system incorporates the same reliable radio technology used worldwide by police, fire, and EMS responders.

No Central Dispatch Required: Because CALL24 is a radio-centric solution, your emergency calls can be handled in a number of ways. If you have a central dispatch center, your response will follow the traditional 911-center model.
But if you have a small security force in which a night officer may be the only one on site, the full functionality of any CALL24 callbox can be handled with a portable radio.

This flexibility reduces response time, as the officer can start toward the callbox immediately and, if needed, communicate with the caller while en route.

Easy to Install: Unlike wired callbox systems, CALL24 helps you avoid the expense or disruption of boring and trenching lines to each callbox. Just pick a spot with sufficient sun exposure and place your callbox there. It’s that easy because CALL24’s callboxes are wireless and offer a solar power option.

And not only can you install the callbox virtually anywhere, you can use one of our many attractive mounting poles; or install the S-Series housing to a building or one of your own power or light poles. What if a future construction project requires a callbox relocation? Simply unbolt it from the ground and move it to a new location…no annoying re-trenching.

Choose Your Power Source: In addition to the benefits of being a wireless solution, facility managers appreciate CALL24’s reliable battery power and its ability to receive a charge from any number of sources – up to 480 volts AC or DC solar power. And because CALL24’s battery provides stable power 24/7, disruptions in the power source mean little to the reliability of your emergency communication system.

Placing a callbox on an existing light pole is a popular choice for many CALL24 clients. CALL24’s StarCharge™system charges the onboard battery from any dusk-to-dawn lighting system.

Or use CALL24’s Suncharge™system for a solar-powered, totally free-standing callbox solution.

Customize Your Callbox: Standard decals or custom art – your choice. Talk to your CALL24 representative today about your custom needs.


DMR – M-Series Callbox


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